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Action research international is a refereed on-line journal of action research published under the aegis of the Southern Cross Institute of Action Research and Southern Cross University Press

ISSN 1445-6125


Paper 1    Pam Swepson (1998)  Separating the ideals of research from the methodology of research, either action research or science, can lead to better research

Paper 2    Yoland Wadsworth (1998)  What is Participatory Action Research?

Paper 3    Rosalie Holian (1999)  Doing action research in my own organisation: ethical dilemmas, hopes and triumphs

Paper 4    Jim Murphy (2000)  An interview with Ortrun Zuber-Skerritt:  a personal perspective

Paper 5    J.H.M Ellis and J.A. Kiely (2000)  The promise of action inquiry in tackling organisational problems in real time

Paper 6    S. Sankaran (2001)  Methodology for an organisational action research thesis

Paper 7    Rosalie Holian and Robert Brooks (2004)  The Australian National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Research: application and implementation for 'insider' applied research in business





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