Search: a participative community planning process

(Including a participant workbook) By Bob Dick.

Search is a visioning technique which asks people to define a future ideal. This monograph gives a summarised and polished version of a document which has been through many revisions. It presents a step-by-step description of a well-tried one-day community or strategic planning version of search.

In workbook format, it can be used with large numbers (it has been used with over 100) even when time is limited.


  • What this book is about: a brief word to organisers
  • Why have a search
  • The overall process for the day
  • A note on the process
  • Using this workbook
  • Working well together
  • Some groundrules for effective work
  • Latecomers Choosing items
  • Step 1: Introduction


  • Step 2: Optional: Recalling the history
  • Step 3: The shared vision
  • Step 4: Wider influences
  • Step 5: "Stakeholders"
  • Step 6: Optional: Other information
  • Step 7: Adding to the vision
  • Step 8: Identifying key plans
  • Step 9: Arranging follow-up
  • Step 10: Working parties

1989, v6.04. Colour cover. 42pp.
80 gm. ISBN: 978-1-875260-14-0
Prices - A$20.90 (GST inclusive). International - A$19.00

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