From the profane to the sacred: small groups as vehicles for cultural change

By Bob Dick.

This monograph develops practical techniques for cultural diagnosis and change.

The emphasis is cultural change through the use of the small groups found in all social systems. Many small-group techniques and approaches in common use can be used as cultural interventions.


  • Introduction
  • The case for organisational culture
  • Thinking about the culture of an organisation
  • Changing organisational culture
  • Culture and trends leading to the future
  • Cultural change and small groups: a state of mind In search of the small group
  • The function of small groups in cultural change
  • Cultural change and small groups: strategic issues
  • Which groups?
  • Limits
  • The leadership The politics
  • Covering your tracks
  • What culture?
  • The second watershed Beyond the second watershed


  • Current trends
  • Small groups and cultural change: five approaches
  • The larger than life approach
  • Building on the past
  • Creating a new future
  • Ritual and celebration
  • Permission to try the new
  • Resolving polarities
  • Participation or non-participation
  • Evolution or revolution
  • Epilogue
  • Bibliography
  • Index

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Related topics: cultural differences, cultural studies, cultural relativism, cultural change management, cultural changes, change management, corporate culture, cultural change, cultural diagnosis, cultural interventions, cultural processes, facilitation, organisational development, organisation development.