Helping groups to be effective: skills, processes and concepts for group facilitation

Second edition. By Bob Dick.

This book addresses processes which can be used by facilitators or ordinary group members to manage the process of a small group. There is an emphasis on planning, problem-solving and decision-making in small group settings.

The general principles of process-style group facilitation are analysed and discussed. Specific skills and techniques for facilitation are described, many in step-by-step detail, often with supporting concepts or models.


  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Part 1: Task and Individual
  • Chapter 2: The process of problem solving
  • Chapter 3: The dynamics of individual behaviour
  • Part 2: Preparatory activities
  • Chapter 4: Team building activities
  • Chapter 5: Goal setting activities
  • Chapter 6: Climate setting activities
  • Part 3: Robust processes
  • Chapter 7: Microprocesses


  • Chapter 8: Macroprocesses
  • Chapter 9: The design of robust processes
  • Part 4: Metaprocess consultation
  • Chapter 10: Communication skills for group facilitation
  • Chapter 11: The fundamentals of facilitation
  • Chapter 12: The facilitation process
  • Part 5: Specific techniques
  • Chapter 13: Interventions in detail
  • Chapter 14: Difficult groups and individuals

1991, v2.01. Colour cover. viii + 380pp. Index. Sewn and paper bound.
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