Values in action: applying the ideas of Argyris and Schon

Second Edition, by Bob Dick and Tim Dalmau.

An introduction provides an overview of the ideas developed by Chris Argyris and Donald Schon. The remainder of the book describes, usually step-by-step detail and workbook format, a set of applications. If you are unfamiliar with Argyris' materials, or find them hard to use in practice, this book will place them within your reach.


  • Part 1 Elements of the model
  • A select Argyris and Schön bibliography
  • Part 2 Tools
  • Two column analysis
  • The Argyris model
  • The information chain
  • The ladder of abstraction
  • Connotive and denotive meaning
  • Values checklist
  • Critical reflection
  • Developing your own applications
  • Part 3 Applications
  • Using the applications
  • Communication


  • First impressions
  • Generating assumptions
  • Hidden agendas
  • Discussing the undiscussable
  • The workbook
  • Intergroup processes
  • Role play
  • Third party mediation
  • Team building
  • Improving personal effectiveness
  • Social structures
  • Personnel selection
  • Epilogue

1999,v2.01. Colour cover, 266+xvipp. Index. Sewn and paper bound.
390 gm. ISBN: 978-1-875260-12-6
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Related topics: Chris Argyris, Donald Schon, action learning, action research, action science, double loop learning, espoused theory, facilitation, group facilitation, interpersonal communication, Model I, Model II, Theory-in-use, values.