Rigour without numbers: the potential of dialectical processes

Second edition. By Bob Dick.

This monograph first examines some of the current notions about qualitative and quantitative research. It then describes the potential of convergent interviewing, face-to-face delphi and other"dialectical" processes for economical and qualitative but rigorous field research.


  • Overview
  • Some preliminaries
  • On maps and territories
  • Research by numbers
  • Pictures and words
  • Numbers or not?
  • Rigour without numbers


  • Integrating theory and practice
  • Group feedback analysis
  • Structured focus group
  • In summary ...
  • Rigour through dialectic and involvement
  • References

1990,v 3.01. Colour cover, 95+vii pp. Bibliography. Index.
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Related topics: research methodology, qualitative and quantitative, action learning, action planning, action research, convergent interviewing, Delphi, dialectical processes, evaluation, focus groups, qualitative evaluation, quantitative research, qualitative research, structured focus groups.