To tame a unicorn...: recipes for cultural intervention

Abridged version revised, by Bob Dick and Tim Dalmau.

This monograph begins with a discussion of organisational culture and a general examination of the issues in cultural intervention and change.

It then describes in detail some actual well-tried processes for cultural diagnosis and intervention in organisations and other social systems.


  • 1 Glimpses through a glass darkly
  • 2 Facets of culture
  • 3 Approaches to diagnosis and change
  • Past-oriented approaches
  • Future-oriented approaches
  • Values-oriented approaches
  • Legitimising change
  • Confrontational approaches
  • Sign, symbol and metaphor
  • Creating or using sub-cultures


  • Leadership
  • Change as a vehicle
  • 4 The recipes
  • Story as ritual The "fairy story"
  • Politico-cultural processes
  • Cultural-political analysis
  • Past-oriented processes
  • Future-oriented processes
  • Dreaming trails
  • 5 Prospects for cultural change

1989, v2.02. Colour cover. 91pp. Bibliography and Index.
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