Beyond Cert IV TAE

                     WORKSHOP     Wednesday-Friday 11-13 February 2015


You've completed your Certificate IV in Training and Assessment or Training and Education, or some equivalent trainer-led training.

You'd now like to be more learner-centred and facilitative in your approach. You'd like to build on your existing skills and experience and extend your repertoire by learning new skills and processes and techniques.

Perhaps you'd like to be more flexible in your training style and use more engaging and experiential methods.

Beyond Cert IV TAE is designed to help you take that next step by learning and practising some new skills and processes and techniques.

Who is it for?

It's designed specifically for trainers who have already acquired foundation skills in designing and conducting training programs, and wish to learn more.  In particular, it takes into account a typical Certificate IV curriculum in Training and Assessment, and builds on it.

Do you have basic training and development skills that you'd like to enhance and extend?  In particular ...

    Would you like your own training activities to be more facilitative and learner-centred? 
    Or are you interested in learning experiential techniques? 
    Or would you like to be more flexible in your approach to learning and development? 
If any of these possibilities appeal, we believe you'll find the workshop valuable.

When is it?

The workshop will be held over three days, 11-13 February 2015.


Venue to be determined -- contact us for details


Throughout the workshop we'll be guided by your expressed interests and wishes.  We'll do what we can to involve you in the workshop and make it productive for you.  Ultimately, though, what learners learn is up to the learners.  The most that we can do is create an environment where that can happen.  We'll do that.  And as we do, we'll model how to do it.

We expect that the emphasis will be on learner-centred adult learning methods, and the flexible and facilitative design and conduct of learning activities.


If you're able bodied you learned to walk by walking.  You learned to ride a bicycle by riding a bicycle.  It makes sense then, we think, to develop facilitative learning approaches by experiencing them and doing them.

We won't abandon our responsibility to strive to make this a safe, productive, learning-filled and productive experience.  We'll encourage you to help us to do so.

There is likely to be some theory, and some processes and techniques.  We'll strive, though, to make them actionable and relevant to practice.  We anticipate a mix of work in pairs, small groups and the large group, with lots of activity.


The workshop facilitators are Jeff Dutton, David Jago and Bob Dick.  All are Brisbane-based facilitators and consultants with reputations based on a combined total of over 80 years of experience.

If you know of them, you'll know that their reputation is based on their ability to conduct learner-centred, engaging and relevant learning activities.


The fee for the three days is $1250.00 payable in advance. 
For registration and payment received by 21 January the fee is $1050.00.
All prices are in Australian dollars and include GST.

Lunch, refreshments, and copious handouts will be provided.

To register

Print out and complete the subscription form, and fax it to Interchange, +617 3878 4338.  Or telephone Camilla at +617 3378 5365 to charge your attendance to your Visa or MasterCard or to organise an electronic funds transfer.

Negotiate your own in-house workshop

If you would prefer to have a workshop specifically designed to meet your particular needs, and run for you in your organisation or community, we would be pleased to do that.  Important advantages of in-house and in-community workshops include their relevance (we fine-tune them to your needs), and their greater ease of application to real local issues.

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